Sunday 3 January 2016

Resolution? Surely Not!

Resolution? Surely not!


If resolutions are meant to be broken, then why make any in the first place!
  • So the first one on my Not-To-Do list would be - No Resolutions for the new year! There! I guess it is working already! Well, well I am already feeling light, you see. No trudging through the entire year with heavy burden of broken promises -- which I had stupidly made to myself. No guilt of 'Why-Couldn't-I-Keep-My- Resolutions -even - for- a- decent - time period'. Hah! That's some Freedom!
  • The next one is every female's favourite! This year I do not resolve to go on any diet. No detox-diet, no vegan-diet, no low-carb or no-carb or whatever-carb diet for me. Enough is enough. Aren't the repeated, innumerable, half-hearted, unsuccessful (There ! I finally did admit THE real reason!) attempts over the years sufficient reason to add this to my Not-To-Do list? So, now I can eat anything. ANYTHING!! Isn't that a great, thrilling thing? Whatever the end-result or aftermath of this --- it would be solved with the next year's resolve.
  • It is not my resolve to endure the torture of the idiot box - which, by the way, is growing more idiotic by each passing day. In any given serial, I could never decide who is the mother, who is the grandmother ----- or great grandmother on and so forth. Any given set of females looks exactly identical - age wise, costume wise, in every conceivable way. If these sagas of the 'Supposed-to-be-COMMON-Indian-household' were not amazing enough, their mythological counterparts are dying to compete with them. Just a part of a mythological serial, which I accidentally stumbled upon recently, left me wondering whether I had mistakenly wandered into Jurassic Park. Nothing more to say.
  • Another of 'Not My Resolve' for this year, would be - not to hope for any change for better in the prices of my daily household requirements -----namely, pulses/lentils. Garlic (??), veggies ..... this list could go on. Looking at those prices, I guess I need not fret over the diet plan. The rocketing costs would automatically ensure that my diet (and consequently, my weight) would remain in check!
  • innumerable things could be eligible for this list ---- many things one would wish to add to Not-To-Do list. But I better stop here, or else the readers might put 'Me' into 'Not-to-read' list :) :) 

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  1. yes truly to not have a not to do list is great. We keep adding to the list of either doing or not , but it adds no value to our regular routine. It needs a lot of strength to do what you think you should do.
    Any-ways coming to the evergreen queens of the soaps , it is true from the time I watched santa Barbara, in 90's. It is never understood , who is whose husband, son, lover etc.So it is better to not waste time in analysing but just keep the focus on to the idiot box only we you are in some non thinking mode.
    Good observations and writing is you forte! keep it up, savita!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Madhavi!